Finally time for your long-desired vacation with your girlfriend or boyfriend has finally come, but in reality, you’re probably very nervous because it’s the first trip you’ll be going on together. Probably the first trip you’ll take together will be for a few days. Hopefully, you too will enjoy the vacation equally, but what if you don’t? What should you do now?

Relax! You’re doing it right. If you’re not used to it, though, you might find some aspects of the trip a little scary. That’s normal. So relax and take heart; you’ll be OK. The following are tips on how you can handle things if things don’t work out the way you hoped.

Before you leave for your trip, talk with your girlfriend and tell her you’re trying to plan a nice break. Ask her if she’s OK with you planning a break so you can spend some time together and not be bummed out when you’re not with her. Of course, she’ll have to give you permission to do that, but if you’re a willing partner, then maybe she’ll understand why you’re doing it.

When you get off the plane, don’t expect your girlfriend to immediately let you know where you’re going. She’ll likely be incredibly excited, but you need to remain focused. Just like when you’re preparing for a big date, you need to make sure you can all pull off and keep a low profile. Let everyone know where you’re going, but stay away from mentioning where you’re headed to eat.

Once you get to your destination, you have to keep a good impression by keeping conversation and interacting with people. Even though you might be tempted to just lay back on the couch and relax, that’s not what you should do. Keep conversations flowing and try to learn a few new things. Find out about the history of the place, get to know the local people and see what they do. You never know who you’ll meet that’s interesting.

Finally, once you’re in your new location, try to make plans to spend some time together. Go out to dinner, grab coffee or do something that only you two would do. If you follow these steps, then you’re much more likely to remember your trip the next time you’re in a similar situation.

It’s always easy to look forward to a time that you’ve longed for. However, it’s not always easy to deal with the pressure of it all. Hopefully, now your wife understands how important it is for you both to have a good time.

Don’t let anything ruin your vacation. Take a little time to plan for it. Make reservations ahead of time if possible. Finally, don’t forget to say hello to each other when you get there.


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